6 Ways to Increase Your Energy and Reclaim Health

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Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disorders, autoimmune disease, and mystery illnesses are on the rise and many people are fed up with a health system that only treats their symptoms and not the root cause.

You probably already know that if you want to feel energized and well you must eat a good diet, exercise, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep.

However, there is a vital component missing from this picture which I will reveal shortly…

When we suffer from a chronic health issue, we usually visit the doctor to find answers and the doctor either writes out a prescription for pharmaceutical drugs or has no idea what is causing our symptoms. Or in some cases, the doctor will refer you to a specialist who then refers you on to surgery!

However, all too often the prescription drugs cause nasty side effects which create a new set of symptoms, and the doctor usually prescribes another drug to counteract the effects of the original drug. And so, the merry-go-round continues.

The medication may have lessened the symptoms making the disease more bearable to live with however, the patient often becomes reliant on taking the medication as it hasn’t healed the condition. Even worse, the patient’s liver is put under stress and the body has become toxic from the build-up of the drugs!  

Some health care system, right?! What’s wrong with this picture?

What if I was to tell you that maybe our ancient healing traditions had it right. Maybe, the reason why our health care system isn’t working for so many people is because the medical establishment doesn’t take into account the Human Body-Field

I have learned through my studies of human bioenergetics that the Human Body-Field is a key factor in determining one’s health. However, most people have never heard of it and it goes completely unnoticed even though it has been scientifically proven to exist.

Mainstream medicine has taught us that biochemistry is what controls everything in our body. However, if the biochemical model was accurate, how can it explain certain physiological processes which happen almost instantaneously. What is driving those processes?

Quantum physics tells us that the Human Body-Field is the energetic blueprint that creates the human form. Every human being and all biological organisms have such a blueprint.

The Human Body-Field processes and coordinates energy and information throughout the body. Our health depends on the proper flow and communication of information throughout the information networks, which we know as the Chinese Meridian System.

Are we multi-dimensional beings made up of matter?

Albert Einstein had it right when he famously stated:

The field (energy) is the sole governing agency of the particle (matter/human body).

So, in essence-yes! We are sub-atomic particles made of matter and the laws of physics tell us that all particles generate a field. For the science enthusiasts, other names for the field include wave or frequency.

Every cell, organ, tissue, and system in your body generates a field which contributes to your overall Body-Field. Your Body-Field is an intelligent and complex living structure and the energy of that structure is sometimes referred to as quantum energy.

Now that we know we have a Body-Field, which is the master control system of our biochemistry and physiological processes, we can begin to look at health and healing in a new way. This means that the old ways of treating disease with prescription drugs, removing body parts, and suffering from mystery illnesses and chronic health issues are a thing of the past! We now have a new understanding of the emerging field of bioenergetics. Healing is a process that happens in our body and mind. It does not come from the outside.

How can I strengthen my Body-Field and increase my energy?

There are six main sources of energy in our environment and if one source is lacking it can throw the whole body out of balance. Energy is fundamental to life. Without it, we would not survive. All living organisms are made up of subatomic particles which provide matter- our physical body.

On a macro level, we gain energy from sources in our environment. That energy contributes to the strength of our overall Body-Field. On a micro-level, each cell, tissue, and organ of the human body contains a field.

The body’s physiological processes need energy to carry out its physiological functions to maintain homeostasis. Without energy, our cells would not be able to perform the tasks that are necessary to keep us alive.

Problems in health arise when your Body-Field becomes contaminated by environmental toxins including electromagnetic pollution, chemical toxins, emotional traumas, physical traumas, negative thought patterns, parasites, viruses, fungus, surgery, and poor food choices.

Everything we consume both physically and mentally can have consequences and those consequences can be supportive of our health or degrade it.

Natural medicine has advanced since the days of doctors writing out prescriptions for antibiotics. Many people with chronic diseases are turning towards more natural and holistic approaches when it comes to their health.

Want to increase your energy right away?

Here are 6 ways to re-energize your Body-Field and regain your health:

1. Diet

If we fuel our body with a high fat, high sugar, or highly-processed diet, it puts stress on our digestive system and the energy that is gained from nutrition is lost through the process of digestion! When we don’t fuel our body with the right food it creates a sluggish feeling in the body. Food is meant to increase energy not to take energy. So, the next time you go to eat, ask yourself “will this food give me energy, or use energy?”

2. Hydration

99 percent of the tissues in your body are made up of water molecules. We know that H20 is the chemical formula for water. However, leading-edge research has identified a fourth phase of water. A gel-like fluid that lines all the cells of your body turning it into a battery and acting as a conduit. This gel-like fluid stores and transmits information and fuels your mitochondria – the cell’s energy generator.

This fourth stage of water often called structured water, has the greatest impact on your energy of any single molecule in your body. There are two ways you can benefit from structured water; by positively impacting the gel in your cells, and by drinking structured water.

Here are a few ways to structure your water before drinking it:

  • Cool your water to about 39 degrees before drinking it. Lowering the temperature brings the water closer to the stage between ice and liquid which creates structure.
  • Expose your water to sunlight.
  • Add electrolytes.
  • Choose glacial, mineral, spring, artesian, or sparkling water that is bottled in glass.
  • Pour your water into a glass cylindrical container and stir it with a spoon to create a vortex.

3. Movement

Research has shown that regular exercise delivers energy because it floods the body with oxygen. People who exercise regularly have more energy than those who don’t. Exercise protects us from disease by reducing chronic inflammation and oxidative damage which reduces your chance of developing heart disease. So consider introducing some form of movement or exercise into your life. This could be going for a walk, riding a bike, taking a hike, swimming, surfing, practicing yoga, or playing a sport.

4. Oxygenation

90 percent of your energy comes from oxygen, however, most of us don’t breathe properly. Breathing happens without any conscious effort approximately 18 times per minute, 1080 times an hour, and 25,920 times a day! Yet many of us don’t know that we aren’t breathing properly. Stress and emotional factors commonly cause shallow breathing which plays a huge role in restricting your ability to take in long, deep breaths.

Good oxygen is fundamental for our survival. Without it, our cells wouldn’t survive! Sub-optimal oxygen delivery can affect your energy, your focus, your mood, and your ability to feel well.

HEALTH TIP: Consider taking regular time out in nature to fill your lungs with clean, fresh oxygen. Oxygen is crucial for brain and nervous system function. It strengthens the cardiovascular system, rejuvenates your glands and hormones, boosts your immune system, helps to clear waste products and toxins from your system, and helps to digest and absorb food.

Good breathing begins with awareness so check in with your breath regularly. Observe if your breathing changes in different situations and environments and try to practice taking long, deep, slow breaths drawing the breath in from your lower belly right up into your chest and exhaling from your chest back down into your lower belly.

5. Day & Night Cycles

Our bodies respond to the presence or absence of sunlight. Depending on the time of day, and the exposure to light, our cells utilize different mechanisms to store and produce energy. During the day sunlight is our main source of energy. Then, at night time, our cells use stored energy from fats to produce heat in the form of infrared light to keep us warm. Both sunlight and heat are used by the body to charge water at the hydrophilic surfaces of proteins and cell membranes. The water in our cells and the matrix surrounding them acts like a liquid battery that can store energy.

Not getting enough natural daylight from spending too much time indoors can cause an energy deficit. Shift work can also disrupt the natural day/night rhythm which can hurt your overall health.

Conversely, ask yourself are you getting enough sleep at night?

6. Polarity & Grounding

Polarity relates to an all-encompassing electromagnetic field and for optimal health, it should hold a slightly negative charge. All the chemical activity in your body including the heart and nervous system generates an electromagnetic charge. More importantly, a good electromagnetic charge that is held across the cell membrane gives us energy and vitality and allows for a good flow of information into and out of the cell. When polarity loses charge or moves towards a more positive charge there can be a significant disruption to all the body’s energy fields and to the body itself.

Polarity can be distorted by electromagnetic pollution such as; radio waves, cellphones, computers, Wi-Fi, electrical wires, smart meters, and power lines.

The earth gives off an abundant supply of negative ions so grounding or earthing, which requires your bare skin to be in direct contact with the earth, is a powerful way to maintain a negative charge that is so important to good health.

If the levels of health and wellness we experience are rooted in the strength and function of our Body-Field it may account for why so many people worldwide are struggling to be well within a health system that does not acknowledge the root cause of illness and disease. The same health system that makes billions of dollars every year from prescription drugs.

What’s more alarming is the Health industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. In May 2017 Consumer News and Business Channel reported that the U.S is on track to increase its expenditure on pharmaceutical drugs by 7 percent making a whopping $610 billion per year by 2021!

With a vast array of mixed messages within the natural health industry along with the disconnection of conventional medicine from the whole system (person), it may be hard to know where to start to regain your health.

The most important step to take is responsibility for your health by ensuring your body gains energy from the right sources in your environment. When your body is supercharged with an abundant flow of energy, it enables your organs to carry out their life-giving functions and enables your cells to transfer the correct messages that the body needs to heal itself.

Your quality of life stems from the levels of health that you experience. A pain-free, disease-free, healthy mind and body contribute to a total state of wellbeing making it the single most important investment you can make!

You can HEAL!

For guidance and support on your healing journey click here to book a holistic health coaching session.

In Health & Happiness,

Taleta Heart