Discover How to Cleanse Your Body Safely, Naturally, and effectively in Just 9 Days!

So You Can Lose the Bloat, Heal Your Gut, Shed Excess Pounds, Purge Harmful Toxins & Pathogens and Achieve Radiant Health!

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Does this sound like you?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this DETOX PROGRAM is for you!

What if I told you there was a better way?

One that didn’t require expensive supplements and detox products. 

INSTEAD, A program that taught you the secrets to cleansing using only wholefood nutrition so you can reclaim your health, and live your BEST LIFE! 

Lose the bloat and shed unwanted pounds

Increase your energy and feel better in your body

Improve your overall health and activate your natural self healing processess

How would it feel if you...?

, 9 Day Liver Reset

Are you ready to take your health into your own hands so you can live your best life?

let's go with yes!
9 Day Liver Reset

The 9 Day Liver Reset™ is a game-changing 9 day detoxification program that contains 12 different detox protocols according to your symptoms and health goals! 

We do not believe in a one size fits all detox approach! 

This means you can choose the detox that works best for YOU! 

Our detox program harnessess the natural power of plant foods without the need for expensive detox binders or pills, this eliminates any down time and allows for a safe and effective cleanse!  

 It’s hard to know how to cleanse and detoxify the body amongst all of the conflicting health advice out there!

“Try this”“do that” you might have heard! 

The 9 Day Liver Reset™ is a practical program that will provide you with the right information and the right tools so you can start cleansing your body slowly and safely, in the right way!

The truth is, there are many detox methods and natural health products that are downright DANGEROUS and they should be avoided at all costs!

Don’t listen to all of the hype or fall down a dead-end path believing in some expensive detox product that will never, ever deliver you the results you desire and deserve! 

In Just 9 days You will...

Here's what's included:

Cleansing with Confidence Masterclass + The Cleanses Video Tutorials

This 70 minute Masterclass reveals the superpowers of your liver and 12 of the safest and most effective cleanses so you can start cleansing right away.  

Step-by-Step Mini Lessons

Be guided every step of the way through out your 9 day cleanse with our mini video lessons and cheat sheets.

Community and 24/7 Coach Support

Receive accountability, community, and coaching support inside our private Facebook group. 

Cleanse PDF Worksheets

Get access to helpful downloadable worksheets and tools to use while you are cleansing! 

Lifetime Access

When you join you will get lifetime access to all future updates, whereas new students will be required to pay increased enrollment fees. 

Access to Our Learning Platform

When you join you will gain instant access to our private, members-only learning platform where you can access the program from any device, anywhere, and at any time!

Total Value $499

The 9 Day Liver Reset Helps Women Who:

Feedback from Our Liver Reset Graduates

Liver Reset Cleanse Review
Liver Reset Cleanse Review

4 kgs lighter in Just 9 Days!

What Makes Our Detoxes Highly Effective?

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Take a look inside the 9 Day Liver Reset Program

The 9 Day Liver Reset Has Been Designed to Help You...

Here's How it Works...

, 9 Day Liver Reset

1. Online Learning Portal

When you join you will get instant access to our online learning portal where you can watch the Cleansing with Confidence masterclass, choose which cleanse is right for you, and access all of the free resources including journals, worksheets and downloadable PDF's from any device and at anytime. You also get lifetime access!

, 9 Day Liver Reset

2. Simple Step by Step Instructions

You will be given easy step by step instructions so you can begin cleansing your body with ease!

, 9 Day Liver Reset

3. Community, Accountability + Coach Support

Gain access to our private Facebook group for community, accountability and support to keep you motivated and inspired!


Prepare to Cleanse

Watch the welcome video and the Cleansing with Confidence Masterclass, join the private Facebook group, read through all of the learning material, choose your cleanse, set your start date, and order the items you may need in preparation to start cleansing!

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Begin Your Cleanse

Start cleansing! Watch the mini video lessons on specific days of your cleanse. Find out what to do if you experience a strong healing reaction, learn tips to ensure your cleanse goes smoothly, and discover the miraculous super powers of your liver while you are cleansing!


Exit the Cleanse

Discover how to exit the cleanse safely, what to eat post-cleanse, and how to continue to incorporate cleansing into your lifestyle so you can move forward with confidence knowing that your health is future-proof!  

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What Our Detox Graduates Are Saying...

Let's talk about the bonuses.

Grab four amazing bonuses valued at $200 when you sign up today! 


9-Day Liver Reset Toolkit

This toolkit is loaded with tools that will help you achieve cleansing with ease!

, 9 Day Liver Reset

Post Cleanse Worksheets

These helpful downloadable worksheets will help you move forward after the cleanse!

, 9 Day Liver Reset

Supplement Guide

An invaluable guide featuring common women’s health concerns and precise supplement blends for symptom management.

, 9 Day Liver Reset

The Definitive Guide to Detox

This comprenhensive 51 page ebook will teach you everything you need to know about detoxification!

The Definitive Guide to Detox

Don’t delay your health goals any longer!

You Could...

Or You Could Take Action Now and Join
The 9 Day Liver Reset™

Meet Your Detoxification Specialist...

Taleta McDonald is the author of the Amazon best seller: The Self Healer’s Handbook. She is a Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, Alternative Medicine Practitioner, and a Detoxification Expert! She is the Founder of Amala Moon Holistic Health and creator of the Total Transformation Method®

Taleta has helped thousands of women worldwide recover their health and live a vibrant and joy-filled life with her game-changing online healing courses and wellness programs.

Taleta Certified Holistic Health Practitioner







You've got Q's? We've got A's.

Find an answer to our most frequently asked questions.

The program has easy-to-follow modules. When you complete the first module, you move on to the next. You can completely go at your own pace and watch the training videos when most convenient for you. 

The 9-Day Liver Reset is based on the Medical Medium 3:6:9 cleanses. These food-based cleanses are the safest and most effective cleanses on the planet and they are completely customizable. There are a range of cleanses to choose from and you get to choose which cleanse is right for you.

You will be asked to create an account by entering your email and a password when you enter your payment information. This will give you instant access to the program inside the learning platform!

Absolutely not! The 9-Day Liver Reset will benefit everyone from the person who has never cleansed before to the most experienced of cleansers!  

YES! The 9 Day Liver Reset will benefit anyone at any age, regardless of their symptom, illness, or condition whether diagnosed or undiagnosed!

The only additional cost to take into consideration is the produce you will be required to buy to complete the cleanse. In most cases, the cost is less than your average weekly food bill. 

YES! These cleanses are safe to do for everyone! 

It depends on what cleanse you chose to do. Some cleanses require you to purchase specific herbal teas and detox powders which will be clearly outlined in the cleanse preparation module. 

We cannot guarantee results. Results vary and the results you experince will be a direct reflection of the effort and commitment that you give to the program and how long you implement the steps outlined in the program.

No. We do not offer any refunds. 

This is an on-demand course and you can start at any time! That means you get to set your cleanse date! 

YES! Absolutely! These cleanses are safe to do while pregnant or breastfeeding!

YES! While the goal of the program is to detox the body from pharmaceutical medicines, we do not recommend stopping any medications unless consulting with your licensed healthcare provider first. 

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at support@amalamoon.com 

, 9 Day Liver Reset

Embrace a vibrant life full of vitality!

No matter your age, lifestyle or health background, everyone can benefit from joining The 9-Day Liver Reset

Packed with practical information and step by step, easy to follow instructions, this game-changing detoxification program will teach you how to cleanse your body safely and effectively so you can enjoy full health and bursting happiness for years to come.

Taleta Mcdonald has condensed all of her experience as a certified natural health practitioner to provide a simple and straight forward approach to detoxification.

Even if you've never cleansed before, the 9-Day Liver Reset™ has been designed for the novice cleanser outlining simple yet powerful detoxification protocols to achieve radiant health!
9 Day Liver Reset

Why People Love The 9 Day Liver Reset™

Are you ready to take the first step toward a vibrant, healthy life?
Full health is possible- let this detoxification program show you how!

The 9 Day Liver Reset™

$ 97 One Time Payment
  • Cleansing with Confidence Masterclass
  • The Cleanses Video Tutorial
  • Step-by-Step Mini Lessons
  • Cleanse PDF Worksheets
  • 9 Day Liver Reset Toolkit
  • Post Cleanse Worksheets
  • The Definitive Guide to Detox ebook
  • Women's Health Supplement Guide
  • Community and Coaching Support
  • Lifetime Access
85% OFF!
, 9 Day Liver Reset