We do things differently here!
Amala Moon Holistic Health


The Sanskrit word for Pure.


Letting go of everything that no longer serves to make way for a new beginning.

We, at Amala Moon, are on a powerful mission to create a safe, nurturing space for women who want to heal, grow, and thrive.



What we stand for

Bio Individuality

We recognize that each person is different, with a unique set of symptoms and goals therefore we tailor every session to fit your needs rather than fitting you into a box!


We look at the whole person and believe healthcare is an intricate balance between mind, body, soul, spirit and energy. If one part isn’t functioning, it affects the whole.


We educate our clients so they can make their own informed health choices and move forward with their healing. We will never steer you away from your own intuition!

What makes us different?


We don’t believe in trendy diets

We believe in removing the foods that are keeping you unwell and holding you back from healing.


We give the right information on gut health

So you can move forward with your healing.


We deconstruct food cravings

And give you healthier alternatives, which will provide your body what it’s REALLY asking for, so you don’t crave unhealthy foods anymore.


We SMASH common health myths

So you can move forward with the truth.


It’s not your fault you’re sick

Your body doesn’t attack itself and your genes aren’t faulty.


We apply advanced healing information

Alongside the science of natural medicine to get you real results.


We believe everyone has the ability to heal

No matter the diagnosis or non-diagnosis.


We don’t offer fluffy programs

Or programs based on generic health information.


We don’t count calories

The measure of health is not a number on a scale.

Who Is Amala Moon for?

Amala Moon is for anyone who wants to elevate their wellbeing, heal and thrive!

Hey Wellness Warrior!


You are a free spirit with a pure heart and you have endured some tough health challenges.

You value authenticity and you want to heal yourself so you can live to your highest potential and be of service to the world.

You are fed up with your health issues ruling your life and you are committed to taking inspired action each day so you can reach for your dreams.

You are a free thinker who rejects the status quo and you prefer to dance to the beat of your own drum!

You understand the intricacies of life and you know your past has helped bring you to where you are now.

Your life represents a kaleidoscope of colour, and the lessons you have learned will enable you to rise-up and live your best life.

Your new soul-fulfilling life will shine a light of hope for others who have lost faith in their ability to heal and your unwavering faith, determination, and self-belief will remain your anchors.

You are a light bearer, a trailblazer, a rebel…

Don’t Lose Hope Wellness Warrior!

You are at the precipice of a new beginning. 

You’re not alone!


I know what it feels like to suffer day in day out with chronic symptoms and the frustration that comes with not being able to plan ahead because you don’t know how you’re going to feel from one day to the next.


The apathy that creeps in after being told the only answer is medication from the merry go round of doctors you’ve seen.


Urgh, it can all be so frustrating and overwhelming!


Hell, there’s a lot at stake! Your ability to work is on the line. Your relationships are on the line. Your mental health and sanity are on the line!

What if…


You were guided towards the right action so you could get to where you want to be? What if you were given personalized tools and the right healing information so you could transform your health and life?

With the right support, you can heal! Health is your birthright!

Ready To Begin Now?