We do things differently here!

We, at Amala Moon, are on a powerful mission to create a safe, nurturing space for women who want to heal, grow, and thrive.



What we stand for

Bio Individuality

We acknowledge that every individual is unique, presenting a distinct set of symptoms, health challenges, and goals. That’s why ALL our courses and programs are entirely customizable. We reject the notion of a one-size-fits-all approach to health!


We view each individual holistically, understanding that healthcare involves a delicate balance of mind, body, soul approaches. Recognizing that dysfunction of one part impacts the whole, we integrate both science and natural medicine into our holistic approach.


We empower our clients through education, enabling them to make informed health choices and take control of their healing journey. Our guiding principle is to provide the right information, fostering self-empowerment so individuals can become their own healers.

What makes us different?


We don’t believe in trendy diets

We believe in removing the foods that are keeping you unwell and holding you back from healing.


We provide the right health information

So you can move forward with your healing.


We empower women

To take their health and healing into their own hands.


We SMASH common health myths

So you can move forward with the truth.


It’s not your fault you’re sick

Your body doesn’t attack itself and your genes aren’t faulty.


We combine science with holistic approaches

To get you real results.


We believe everyone has the ability to heal

No matter the diagnosis or non-diagnosis.


We don’t offer fluffy programs

Or programs based on generic health information.


We don’t count calories

The measure of health is not a number on a scale.

Who Is Amala Moon for?

Amala Moon is for anyone who wants to elevate their wellbeing, heal and thrive!

You’re not alone!


I understand the relentless struggle of living day in day out with chronic symptoms coupled with the frustration of not being able to plan ahead because you don’t know how you’re going to feel from one day to the next.

Navigating the maze of conflicting health advice and receiving a multitude of diagnoses has left you more confused than ever. Your financial resources have been drained by endless lab tests, programs, diets, and practitioners. And then there’s the discouragement that sets in when you’re told that medication is the only solution by the revolving door of doctors you’ve encountered.

It’s overwhelming, to say the least. Your livelihood, relationships, and mental well-being are all hanging in the balance.



Receiving expert guidance and support so you could acheive your health goals. Imagine being given personalized tools and the right healing information so you could transform your health and life.

With the right support you can heal! Health is your birthright!

Ready To Begin Now?