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A Wake Up Call : 11 Things You Can Do to Create Change, Now!

January 2020, Elephant Journal:

One thing that I have learned since simplifying my life is that all the striving towards future goals, and all the things that I used to own or want no longer hold any substance.

You see, society tells us that we must get a good education in order to get a good job so that we can afford to buy a nice house, get married and raise a family. We then spend the rest of our lives working hard to pay for the things that we think will bring us happiness…

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Letter From Osho

June 2018, NZ Yoga Scene Magazine:

On July 27th 1984, before I could even read, I received a letter from Rajneeshpuram, which contained a mala, and a typed letter from Osho’s personal secretary Ma Anand Sheela, which read: “Let this be the foundation of your sannyas: playfulness has to be the colour you dye your whole being in; let it vibrate through each fiber and cell of your being.”

The letter contained my new name Shanti, and from that day on-wards my parents immersed me into listening to Osho satsangs, and I was brought up within the Indian yogic philosophies of meditation and mindfulness…

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What Is The Essence Of Yoga?

April 2016, Elephant Journal:

Most people associate yoga with postures, and let’s face it, western- based yoga classes focus mainly on the physical aspects of yoga, however, there is a lot more to yoga than most of us realize.

What is the true essence of yoga, and is it fast becoming lost to a multi-billion dollar fitness industry, which is largely based on getting a toned body, looking good in the latest fitness gear, and posting the best looking pictures on Instagram?

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You are Not as Stuck as You Think: 7 Steps to a Life of Freedom

March 2016, Elephant Journal:

One and a half years ago I was living comfortably in an upmarket cliff top inner city house, which was meticulously decorated with beautiful furniture. I drove a nice car, my wardrobe was full of expensive designer clothing, and I was planning my wedding. 

So how did I go from that to being homeless, living in a van with no possessions, and travelling around India and Nepal with only a backpack you might ask?

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Out of Mind: New Zealand’s Mental Health System, Is it Failing Our Youth?

January 2014, Investigate Magazine:

Olivia Smith’s parents watched in horror as their daughter was removed from the clinician’s room and returned demanding medication. “It was like a conspiracy had taken place” says Mrs Smith.

Olivia, 14, was referred to the Kari Centre (Auckland Central Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service), by the family’s GP in July 2012 with suspected depression and anxiety after having an emotional breakdown caused by school bullying...