My Method

Change Alter Modify Transform Yourself!
Natural system of healing

Sound familiar?

Have you been told your health issue is incurable, leaving you with only surgery or long-term medication as options? Maybe you’ve felt overlooked by doctors, loaded up with medications, and dismissed. Perhaps multiple health practitioners couldn’t pinpoint the cause of your chronic symptoms, leaving you exhausted and stressed after spending a fortune on various programs, diets, and consultations.

Are you endlessly searching the internet, staying up all night, only to be disappointed? Overwhelmed by conflicting health information, tired of struggling with chronic pain, and just want your life back?

I get it. I’ve been there.

Suffering from chronic illness myself, I spent thousands on consultations, yet I found no relief from my debilitating symptoms. B12 shots, herbs, diet changes – nothing worked. Hearing my condition was incurable crushed me.

Want to get off the emotional roller-coaster?

I’ve been in the wellness industry for decades, and I’ve made a vital discovery: most practitioners approach health the wrong way.

True healing involves acknowledging much more than just your body. It requires working on your mind, emotions, soul, spirit (willpower), and energetic system.

Introducing The Total Transformation Method®:

  • As a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, I use self-inquiry and transformative coaching tools to address mental and emotional blocks.
  • Armed with Naturopathy and Advanced Healing Knowledge, I identify root causes, customizing healing protocols that address your underlying causes.
  • As a Certified Yoga Teacher, my 4-step trauma release practice eases stress, chronic pain, releases trauma, and restores the nervous system.
  • As a Certified Reiki Master and Bioenergetics Practitioner, I guide you in releasing trapped emotions for lasting healing.

My 4 natural health qualifications and 20+ years of experience birthed this 4-step method, offering a cohesive system for total wellness from the inside out.

I created The Total Transformation Method® to empower women like you to reclaim health and heal naturally. Your chronic health problems shouldn’t hinder your life’s quality; I want to see you happy and thriving!

Introducing the 4-step system inside The Total Transformation Method®

Step 1: Mindset

I will help you identify any limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and self-sabotaging behaviors that might be holding you back from healing. You will learn how to create healthier habits and sustainable lifestyle changes which is the cornerstone to successful health recovery. You will discover your root causes which will move you from victimhood to empowerment, restore hope in your ability to heal, confidence in your body and activate a healing mindset which will lay the foundation for complete health recovery.

Step 2: Nutrition

I’ll provide an unbiased breakdown of top healing foods and unproductive foods in order of priority, steering clear of the divisive debates around dietary preferences. This empowers you to make informed decisions about your diet, fostering what I like to call nutritional sovereignty! I will provide you with a personalized nutritional protocol, including how to incorporate healing herbs and supplements, that deviates from the typical approach of restricting carbs or increasing protein.

Step 3: Detox

I’ll teach you how to restore liver function and detoxify disease-causing toxins, pathogens, and poisons from your body through a customized detox protocol tailored to your unique body and lifestyle. Underlying pathogens like Epstein Barr virus and toxic heavy metals are at the root of many health conditions. No need to endure punishing detox regimes that make daily life even more challenging. With my approach, you can cleanse your body in a way that doesn’t exacerbate how you feel or disrupt your day-to-day activities.

Step 4: Nervous System Support

It’s not uncommon to carry PTSD from the challenges of chronic illness. Whether it’s the weight of a devastating diagnosis, the prospect of a lifelong condition, or the feeling of missing out on life while being housebound and suffering—these experiences leave lasting imprints. Healing is hindered when we find ourselves trapped in a continuous state of stress, PTSD, or trauma. Our bodies remember and store all of the negative experiences that we have encountered throughout our lifetime, so it’s essential to release those trapped emotions and create a calm environment conducive to healing. By fostering a calm space, we open the door to the transformative power of healing. I’ll show you how to reduce stress, repair adrenal function, regulate your nervous system and release trauma from your body with my 4-step trauma release method and I will give you a custom movement practice to manage stress, anxiety and chronic pain. These powerful mind-body practices activate deep, lasting healing enabling you to live a life free from chronic pain and persistant symptoms.