Taleta’s work really resonated with me. I knew she had done a lot of study and research and she had a lot of experience so I felt I was in safe hands.

I knew what I wanted to achieve, and I got the answers I was looking for. I was really happy with the outcome. I did tell Taleta what I was looking for prior to our consult and she was well prepared, very clear, highly knowledgable, and accommodating by booking me in at the last minute.

I wanted a clear dietary outline and pathway to work with for my post-surgery dietary needs and that’s what I got. A healing diet for my body post-cancer and surgery to keep me healthy moving forward. Knowing that I am eating healing foods for my body and following the protocols that would strengthen my body, gives me peace of mind for my health and reduces my anxiety about the future.

My diet was already very healthy, but it needed to be modified and made more specific to my new needs. There were foods that needed to be cut out, new ones added and additional supplements to take.

I came away feeling highly motivated to make the changes that Taleta has suggested for increased health & vitality.

I now have a detailed and clear dietary pathway to follow. I feel clear about what I need to do, which gives me peace of mind, and I feel really safe in the knowledge that this protocol has worked so well for so many. That gives me great hope!! I’m really looking forward to this journey!

Definitely book a session with Taleta. She is very knowledgeable, and she knows specific healing protocols that will help you recover your health. She doesn’t overwhelm with detail but maps everything out clearly for your individual needs. My requirements were very specific, and she was pre-prepared to meet my needs.

Antonia Clara Fiteni

New Zealand

Taleta is extremely knowledgeable about health issues and how to restore your health even if you have been sick for a very long time.

She is extremely easy to talk to and very professional. She understands what it is like to be sick and what it takes to be well again.

She helped me to understand what my priorities should be as far as what I need to do now versus later on once my system adjusted. Before working with Taleta I was facing serious disease and no quality of life. I really wanted to achieve living a normal life and have the energy to do so.

Since working with Taleta I feel so much better. I now have better health, I feel great, I have a lot more energy, my symptoms no longer get in my way and I would tell anyone who is considering working with her to not hesitate!

Tara Ryan

United States

I have just completed the Advanced Liver Cleanse guided by Taleta. It was fantastic. Her knowledge and sharing of how to detox and cleanse the body was clear and easy to understand and she was so encouraging every step of the way. If you’re looking to heal or just have a reboot, I highly recommend her. Thank you Taleta, you were awesome!


New Zealand

I have just completed my first cleanse guided by Taleta and I feel great! So thankful for how easy and accessible she has made it. Loved the Zoom meetings and knowledge shared. Thank you so much!

Luisa Pelissier


Working with Taleta was the best decision I could have made!

I was suffering from a wide range of health issues before I began coaching sessions with Taleta. She created a healing plan that was realistic for my busy lifestyle, she guided me towards the best foods and supplements, and she taught me some powerful strategies to reduce stress.

I now feel more in-tune with nature and my own inner knowing, and my eating habits have completely changed. I have learnt how to increase my immunity, which makes me feel more in control of my life. I have less symptoms, I eat healthier, I’m spending a lot more time in nature, and I’m leading a healthier lifestyle overall.

Working with Taleta was the best decision I could have made! I highly recommend booking a consultation with her to see how you can improve your health and your life!!

Sarah Mullins

New Zealand

Chronic fatigue had stolen my zest for life. Endless doctor visits left me with no answers. Taleta’s comprehensive healing method offered a fresh perspective. She identified the root causes behind my fatigue and formulated a personalized plan. After diligently following the steps in her program, my vitality gradually returned. I’m now enjoying a life free from constant exhaustion. Taleta’s method is nothing short of life changing. If you’re tired of feeling tired, her program is the answer!



Lyme disease had me battling a relentless war against my own body. Doctor after doctor provided temporary relief through medication, but the symptoms persisted. Taleta’s holistic healing approach was a game-changer. With her guidance,  I’ve regained my health, and the once-debilitating symptoms are a distant memory. I can’t recommend her expertise enough.


United States

I battled with Multiple Sclerosis for over five years until I discovered Empowered to Heal. Traditional treatments had failed me, but within 12 weeks of embracing this program, my life changed. Taleta’s holistic approach to healing has not only alleviated my symptoms, but has allowed me to regain control over my body. I am now able to engage in activities with my kids and enjoy hobbies that I though were lost forever.



I had tried everything to heal chronic bouts of vertigo and fibromyalgia, and nothing worked. I felt completely lost and had almost given up. Thankfully, I stumbled upon Taleta’s program, and I am now on the road to full recovery. Don’t spend another day suffering, sign up, you won’t regret it! 


United States

Living with Lupus was a constant struggle until I found hope in Empowered to Heal. The chronic pain, rashes and fatigue impacted my daily life, but within 12 weeks, my life took a positive turn. The program’s unconventional healing methods proved to be the missing piece in my journey to recovery. Today, I am lupus free, enjoying a life without the limitations that once defined my existence. 


United Kingdom

I struggled with debilitating Rhuematoid Arthritis that left me in constant pain and limited my mobility for over 12 years. The unique healing methods inside Empowered to Heal were unlike anything I had tried before, and I am now living a life free from chronic pain. Thanks to Taleta, I’ve regained my independance and am able to enjoy activities that were once impossible for me. 



You will not regret investing in Taleta’s classes if what you seek is true alignment with your body and mind.

I never really considered practicing Yoga until my cardiologist recommended it to help me manage my stress levels. I was very apprehensive and albeit sceptical about doing it until I met Taleta.

She incorporates different types of Yoga into one session which is very different to most mainstream Yoga classes you will find. Taleta is truly a passionate practitioner and this shows as her classes are led intuitively and may take longer to accommodate the needs of those attending her sessions.

I am truly blessed to have met Taleta at a time when my healing Journey began. Practicing Yoga under her guidance helped me understand parts of my inner being that I never thought to face and I began to understand how this trauma manifested physically. I deeply respect her not only because of these attributes but also because she is not led by Ego which is so important when learning a new way of movement that can truly alter your health and way of living.

I whole heartedly recommend her as a Yoga instructor. She is genuine and highly skilled. You will not regret investing in her classes if what you seek is true alignment with your body and mind.

Rachel Barredo

New Zealand

Believe me, you have to try Taleta’s yoga classes as you will not find this approach in yoga studios!

I’m a 54-year old Indian male with a chronic history of diabetes and low back pain. I could not bend at all and hence always gave up on yoga as it was just too painful. Turned out, I was just not doing it right!

Taleta tailored a routine for me to build up flexibility and strength without going too much into forward bends. There was a huge focus on the meditative aspect of yoga and aligning movements with breath.

Believe me, you have to try Taleta’s Yoga classes as you will not find this approach in other yoga studios. Body shapes, size, age or medical ailments will not matter. You will enjoy learning with Taleta. It was the happiest and healthiest time of my life!

Raghuram Iyer


I felt blessed to have known an amazing and inspirational yoga teacher

I have suffered backpain for a number of years and tried numerous remedies. I looked into yoga for both back issues and mental well-being. After research settled on Taleta’s yoga class.

I felt connected to Taleta and her teachings from the very first session. Taleta is genuinely compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about yoga. I used to come out of her class feeling humbled and peaceful. I have also noticed significant improvement in my body and mental well being. I felt blessed to have known an amazing and inspirational yoga teacher.

Zara Chand

New Zealand