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Breaking Free from Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue had stolen my zest for life. Endless doctor visits left me with no answers. Taleta's comprehensive healing method offered a fresh perspective. She identified the root causes behind my fatigue and formulated a personalized plan. After diligently following the steps in her program, my vitality gradually returned. I'm now enjoying a life free from constant exhaustion. Taleta's method is nothing short of life changing. If you're tired of feeling tired, her program is the answer!

Healing success stories, The 4 Step Healing Method



Overcoming Lyme Disease

Lyme disease had me battling a relentless war against my own body. Doctor after doctor provided temporary relief through medication, but the symptoms persisted. Taleta's holistic healing approach was a game-changer. With her guidance,  I've regained my health, and the once-debilitating symptoms are a distant memory. I can’t recommend her expertise enough.

Healing success stories, The 4 Step Healing Method


United States

Healing Multiple Sclerosis

I battled with Multiple Sclerosis for over five years until I discovered Empowered to Heal. Traditional treatments had failed me, but within 12 weeks of embracing this program, my life changed. Taleta's holistic approach to healing has not only alleviated my symptoms, but has allowed me to regain control over my body. I am now able to engage in activities with my kids and enjoy hobbies that I though were lost forever.

Healing success stories, The 4 Step Healing Method



Freedom from Fibromyalgia

I had tried everything to heal chronic bouts of vertigo and fibromyalgia, and nothing worked. I felt completely lost and had almost given up. Thankfully, I stumbled upon Taleta's program, and I am now on the road to full recovery. Don't spend another day suffering, sign up, you won't regret it! 

Healing success stories, The 4 Step Healing Method


United States

Recovering from Lupus

Living with Lupus was a constant struggle until I found hope in Empowered to Heal. The chronic pain, rashes and fatigue impacted my daily life, but within 12 weeks, my life took a positive turn. The program's unconventional healing methods proved to be the missing piece in my journey to recovery. Today, I am lupus free, enjoying a life withou the limitations that once defined my existence. 

Healing success stories, The 4 Step Healing Method


United Kingdom

 Reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis

I struggled with debilitating Rhuematoid Arthritis that left me in constant pain and limited my mobility for over 12 years. The unique healing methods inside Empowered to Heal were unlike anything I had tried before, and I am now living a life free from chronic pain. Thanks to Taleta, I've regained my independance and am able to enjoy activities that were once impossible for me. 

Healing success stories, The 4 Step Healing Method



Book a FREE 30 Minute Health Consultation with Taleta via Zoom to Discover if Empowered to Heal Would Work for YOU!

Will your method of healing work for my health condition?

Absolutely! Taleta's Method Benefits All – Whether you're grappling with an incurable diagnosis, seeking answers without a diagnosis, or recovering from a misdiagnosis. How? Taleta's method delves into the root causes of chronic ailments, supported by robust scientific research.

What is involved on the call?

Join Taleta for a no-obligation, casual discussion about your current health challenges. This is far from a sales pitch; it's a genuine conversation. This is your chance to engage Taleta with your questions and discover if Empowered to Heal would be the right fit for you. Due to high demand, securing your spot now is advised.

How much does it cost to join your program?

Taleta offers a variety of options and payment plans to suit your budget. Taleta empathizes with the financial and emotional strain that accompanies chronic pain and symptoms, so to ensure her program is accessible, she's made it remarkably affordable. 

Where are you located?

Amala Moon Holistic Health HQ is located in New Zealand, however Taleta works remotely with women from all over the world. 

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