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Breaking Free from Chronic Fatigue and Rediscovering Vitality

Chronic fatigue had stolen my zest for life. Endless doctor visits left me with no answers. Taleta's comprehensive healing method offered a fresh perspective. She identified the root causes behind my fatigue and formulated a personalized plan. After diligently following the steps in her healing method, my vitality gradually returned. I'm now enjoying a life free from constant exhaustion. Taleta's method is nothing short of life changing. If you're tired of feeling tired, her program is the answer.

Healing success stories, The 4 Step Healing Method



Overcoming Lyme Disease and Embracing Wellness

Lyme disease had me battling a relentless war against my own body. Doctor after doctor provided temporary relief, but the symptoms persisted. Taleta's holistic healing approach was a game-changer. She understood that Lyme disease affects the entire system. With her guidance, I embarked on a journey of detoxification, immune support, and healing practices. I've now regained my vitality, and the once-debilitating symptoms are a distant memory. I can’t recommend her expertise enough

Healing success stories, The 4 Step Healing Method


United States

Defeating Type 2 Diabetes and Restoring Health

Type 2 diabetes had me feeling like my health was spiralling out of control. Despite trying medications and making dietary changes, my condition remained. Then, I connected with Taleta, and everything changed. Her comprehensive method went beyond managing blood sugar levels; it addressed the root causes of diabetes. Through nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, I've experienced a significant improvement. My blood sugar levels are stable, and I feel empowered and in control of my health.

Healing success stories, The 4 Step Healing Method


United Kingdom

Hashimoto's Healing

Living with Hashimoto's thyroiditis was a constant struggle, as I battled fatigue, weight gain, and hormonal imbalances. Taleta's holistic approach provided a ray of hope. She delved into every aspect of my health, helping me make informed choices regarding my diet, detoxification, and lifestyle. With her guidance, my thyroid function has improved, my energy levels are stable, and I'm no longer defined by Hashimoto's. Taleta's method has been life-changing. I highly recommend joining her program if you are seeking a holistic path to overall wellbeing!

Healing success stories, The 4 Step Healing Method


New Zealand

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Will your method of healing work for my health condition?

Absolutely! Taleta's Method Benefits All – Whether you're grappling with an incurable diagnosis, seeking answers without a diagnosis, or recovering from a misdiagnosis. How? Taleta's method delves into the root causes of chronic ailments, supported by robust scientific research.

What is involved on the call?

Join Taleta for a no-obligation, casual discussion about your current health challenges. This is far from a sales pitch; it's a genuine conversation. Taleta will recommend one of her online programs and guide you toward the ideal steps for your natural healing journey. This is your chance to engage Taleta with your questions and gain invaluable insights into your health.

Taleta's private health consultations are priced at $499 USD per hour. However, for a limited time, these calls are free. The duration of this offer is uncertain, so we recommend taking advantage of this opportunity while available slots last. Due to high demand, securing your spot now is advised.

How much does it cost to join your program?

With four distinct online health and healing programs, Taleta offers a variety of options to suit your needs, and they come at different pricing levels. Taleta's expertise comes into play as she evaluates your health challenges, budget, and aspirations, then suggests the program that fits you best. The investment might not be as steep as you imagine.

Taleta empathizes with the financial and emotional strain that accompanies chronic illness. To ensure her programs are accessible to everyone, she's made them remarkably affordable. You can join Taleta's signature 90 day healing program risk-free for 7 days and conveniently manage payments through interest-free fortnightly installments with Afterpay.

In the world of wellness, health is the true treasure. Those grappling with persistent pain and symptoms understand that without good health, life loses its joy. Investing in one of Taleta's programs is an investment in yourself. The rewards are immeasurable: knowledge and tools that promise years of well-being. Moreover, the decision to join could save you significant money over time—replacing costly practitioners, ineffective therapies, pills, and diets.

Do you guarantee results?

No practitioner can guarantee absolute healing. Your progress hinges on your unique constitution, the commitment you show in following Taleta's weekly guidance, and your dedicated efforts towards your well-being.

If you join 'Empowered to Heal', Taleta's flagship program, we guarantee that within 90 days, you'll receive a personalized healing blueprint, paving the way towards full health recovery over time. Remember, healing spans diverse timelines, as our bodies confront distinct challenges and rejuvenate at their own pace.

Where are you located?

Amala Moon Holistic Health HQ is located in New Zealand, however Taleta works remotely with women from all over the world. Please ensure you choose your time zone when booking a call. 

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