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, The Self Healers Handbook

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Light up your natural self-care journey
Activate your natural self healing processes

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Are you ready to take your health into your own hands so you can live your best life?

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The Self-Healer's Handbook

A practical guide to naturally improve the quality of your life and achieve radiant health. 

The Self Healer’s Handbook is a comprehensive ebook that will provide you with all the knowledge and tools you need to become your own Empowered Healer!

The Self Healers Handbook

Knowing how to overcome chronic health problems, mental blocks, and emotional trauma can be so confusing in a sea of conflicting health information!

The Self-Healer’s Handbook is a fluff-free, all-in-one guidebook that contains tried and tested healing tools and ancient healing modalities that readers can turn to again and again to level up their health and improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Loaded with ground-breaking truths, practical information, and easy, achievable steps, you will walk away armed with the right information so you can transform your health and reclaim your life.

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Here's what you will learn:

Practical Tools to Transmute Mental and Emotional Suffering

Discover the inner workings of your mind so you can transform your life from the inside out, and learn the secrets to creating lasting happiness. 

Breathwork and Meditation Practices

Learn an ancient breathing technique to relieve stress, depression, and anxiety, and explore a range of meditation practices to soothe your soul.

The Best Nutrition and Detox Protocols

Learn what foods you need to eat to recover your health and skyrocket your energy and the game-changing cleanses that are responsible for the healing of millions of people worldwide!

Complete Beginners Guide to Yoga

Learn Taleta’s 6-Step Restorative Yoga Sequence that activates the parasympathetic nervous system, releases long-held trauma, restores the adrenals, and promotes deep lasting healing.

Natural Health and Beauty Hacks

Find out how to reduce your exposure to harmful toxins and explore new low-tox beauty routines.

47 Plant-Based Recipes

Be inspired to cook new healthy and delicious plant-based, gluten-free recipes that your friends and family will love!

Simple Steps to Manifesting Your Dream Life

Discover how to remove abundance blocks (which we all have) and manifest a life that you desire and deserve in 8 easy steps!

Techniques to Heighten Your Spiritual Development

Learn how to find your soul’s purpose in 7 simple steps so you can live a soul-fulfilling and joy-filled life!

Crystal Healing

Find out how to use crystals to activate your own healing processes.

Energy and Chakra Healing

Find out how to unblock your chakras and restore your energy so you can resolve your symptoms.

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Mental and Emotional Wellness

Through a practical, no-nonsense approach, Taleta will take you along a natural self-healing path that will hold a place in your heart. In the first part of this book, dedicated to mental and emotional well-being, you will discover how to transmute emotional suffering and manifest the life of your dreams and achieve it with ease.

The Self Healer's Handbook
The Self Healer's Handbook

Physical Wellness

Discover powerful tools that will elevate your health, cleanse your body, and thrive as a self-healing warrior. Learn practical exercises and mini-health habits applicable even without experience, and enjoy profound wellness and a symptom-free body for days filled with vitality and bursting happiness!


Spiritual & Energetic Wellness

Draw from ancient spiritual wisdom to find practical solutions for restoring your well-being and thriving on the self-healing path. From chakra healing to a comprehensive guide to yoga, you’ll have access to a comprehensive handbook for achieving an extraordinary life.

, The Self Healers Handbook

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About the Author

Taleta McDonald is a Certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Founder of Amala Moon Holistic Health, and creator of the Total Transformation Method®

Taleta has helped thousands of women worldwide recover their health and live a vibrant and joy-filled life with her 4-step healing method.

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Interview with the Author

American Marvel Actor Jasson Finney interviews Author Taleta McDonald.

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The book is divided into three parts: Mental & Emotional Wellness, Physical Wellness, and Spiritual & Energetic Wellness. You can choose to read it from cover to cover or use it as a go-to resource. 

You will be asked to create an account by entering your email and a password when you enter your payment information. This will give you instant access to the book!

YES! The book will benefit anyone at any age, regardless of their symptom, illness, or condition whether diagnosed or undiagnosed!

No. As this is a digital download we do not offer any refunds. 

The book is an EPUB file that can be read on any device including Kindle. If you have any problems downloading the file simply reach out to our friendly support team support@amalamoon.com

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at support@amalamoon.com 

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Embrace a vibrant life full of power and vitality!

No matter your age, health background, or religious beliefs, anyone can benefit from the teachings contained within these pages.

Packed with practical information and valuable tips for your well-being, this book is a one-stop reference for natural, properly balanced self-care.

Author Taleta Mcdonald has condensed all of her experience as a certified health coach, yoga teacher, reiki master, and bioenergetics practitioner to provide a down-to-earth approach to spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Even if you've never approached these types of topics before, this handbook is structured to be easily understandable to the novice user outlining techniques, exercises, and practical strategies to elevate your spirituality and achieve radiant health!
The Self Healers Handbook

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Are you ready to take the first step toward a vibrant, healthy life?

Healing is possible- let this handbook show you how!

The Self-Healer's Handbook

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, The Self Healers Handbook