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What if you could finally be free of your Chronic health problems?

So You Can Live Your Best Life!

How to heal naturally

Does this sound like you?

What if I told you there was a better way?

One that didn’t require sleepless nights, overwhelm, heartache, and confusion. 

INSTEAD, A clear pathway forward that enabled you to reclaim your health, and your LIFE! 

Learn the protocols that are responsible for the healing of millions of people around the world inside the Total Transformation Method®

Receive expert guidance from someone who has been in your shoes and easy actionable steps that will lead you toward full health.

Join a Global Healing Movement of Empowered Women who are on the same journey as you inside the private Facebook Community and never feel alone again. 

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Are you ready to take your health into your own hands so you can live your best life?

let's go with yes!


Taleta’s Transformational 12-Week Coaching Program.

Learn Taleta’s 4-Step Healing System inside the Total Transformation Method®. 

In just 12 weeks you will walk away with a solid healing plan and all the tools you need to heal your chronic health problems naturally so you can live a symptom and pain-free life without the overwhelm or stress that comes with doing it alone! 

Taleta McDonald Amala Moon Holistic Health

Here's what's included:

Check out everything you get when you join today!

3 Health Coaching Sessions

Three 1-Hour Intuitive Holistic Health Coaching Sessions via Zoom every Month. Taleta will share cutting-edge health information so you can understand the root causes of your health problems and get the answers you deserve. 

Comprehensive Health & Wellbeing Assessments

When joining the program you will receive an online form to complete before your initial session and each month thereafter. Taleta will review your information thoroughly before each consult, which will save time and streamline the process.

Tailored Healing Plan

Taleta will work with you to create a healing plan, which includes dietary, herbal, and supplementation recommendations, mindset shaping, spiritual and emotional support, plus the right cleanse protocols for your body so you can achieve the results you desire. 

Weekly Check Ins

Receive full support, including weekly check-ins to ensure you are on the right track and feeling 100 percent supported every step of the way. 

Unlimited Email Support

If you have a question that you need an answer to, simply email Taleta at any time of the day and receive an answer within 24 hours!

Private Community

Gain access to a community of like-minded healing warriors from around the world Inside Taleta’s Member’s Only Facebook Group.

The Ultimate Wellness Toolkit

Gain instant access to a toolkit loaded with Taleta’s premium coaching tools including 51 worksheets, a workbook, and two guided meditations to support you in achieving your wellness goals.

Recipe eBook

 Discover 47 delicious new recipes that your entire family will love! Taleta’s gluten-free, low-fat, plant-based recipe book is jam-packed full of nutritious recipes that will inspire healthy eating habits.


You will receive 3 powerful distant energy healing treatments that will clear away trauma and any mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic imbalances that might be standing in your way of healing.

Here's how it works:



Fill out the application.

Taleta will review your information and if it’s a fit, send you an email with a special link to book your free 20 minute strategy session.



Let's chat.

Book your free 20 minute consultation with Taleta where she will walk you through what it would look like to work with her. This session will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions and find out if the program will be the right fit for you.



Let's get started.

This is where your healing journey begins! After joining the program, Taleta will send you a comprehensive well-being assessment form and coaching agreement to be completed electronically before your initial appointment. Your first appointment will be a deep dive into your health history and Taleta will work with you to create a solid healing plan that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Kind words from current clients.

Hi there, I'm Taleta!

Founder of Amala Moon Holistic Health, author of Amazon Best Seller The Self-Healer’s Handbook, and creator of the Total Transformation Method®

I am a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and my life’s mission is to help women reclaim their health so they can find freedom from chronic health problems and live happy and vibrant lives!

I healed over 70 of my own symptoms and conditions naturally and I’m here to show you exactly how to heal yourself!

certified holistic health and medical medium practitioner
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I've Been there, and I Know the Journey Isn't Easy!

For my entire adult life, I suffered from a multitude of chronic symptoms including panic attacks, anxiety, chronic fatigue, endometriosis, and extreme bouts of vertigo alongside a long list of other mystery neurological symptoms which left me on mattress island and feeling overwhelmed, scared, and alone.

I saw numerous doctors, and as many natural health practitioners as I could afford, however, nothing healed me or gave me permanent relief.

After finding no answers in a sea of conflicting health information I eventually hit rock bottom and I had to quit my job. 

At rock bottom, I began researching the best methods so I could heal myself. After many years of trial and error, I finally discovered a system of healing that enabled me to fully recover my health.

I have walked in your shoes and I understand the journey. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed, confused, or make the same mistakes as I did. I will share with you the exact steps that I took to heal myself and a clear pathway forward so you can heal yourself.







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Find an answer to our most frequently asked questions.

You will be given the opportunity to schedule your three health coaching sessions in advance. You do not need to book your energy healing treatments. Taleta will organise a time with you where you will be most open to receiving the treatments. In most cases, you will be given one treatment each month. The email support is a 24/7 service that you can utilize for the 12-week period. (fair use applies). Taleta will also link you with the best platform so you can receive weekly accountability and support check-ins.

After joining, you will be sent an email with a link to create an account inside Taleta’s online learning platform. Here you will enter your email and create a password. This will give you instant access to the Ultimate Wellness Toolkit and Recipe eBook inside the learning platform! 

You will need to set aside 1 hour each month for your coaching call. It is your choice how much time you spend on your health and healing outside of the coaching sessions.

You will still have the opportunity to connect with fellow program attendees in the Private Facebook group long after the program ends! 

YES, absolutely! This program is an intensive one-on-one program where you will receive the highest level of support from Taleta throughout the entire 12 weeks. 

You can ask Taleta a question any time you like! Night or day! Simply send her an email and she will respond within 24 hours. All clients that join THRIVE receive the highest level of support. 

We do not offer any refunds for change of mind. 

No. We do not offer any refunds on services.

No. We do not guarantee any results. Results vary and the results you experience are entirely dependent on the efforts you put into your healing. Results are also dependent on your individual constitution and how closely you follow the healing guidance offered in the coaching sessions. 

YES! The program will benefit everyone, regardless of their symptom, illness, or condition whether diagnosed or undiagnosed!

YES, absolutely! Anyone can partake in this program, no matter the diagnosis or treatment/s that you may be receiving. 

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at hello@amalamoon.com 

In most cases, it takes much longer than 12 weeks to heal symptoms and conditions that have been troubling you for years. Your healing timeline depends on your individual constitution meaning your past and present exposure to toxins, pathogens, and poisons and how closely you follow the healing guidance given in the coaching sessions. 

YES! Please contact us and we will book you in at a time that best fits your schedule! hello@amalamoon.com

Certified Holistic Health & Medical Medium Practitioner

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$1097/month for 3-Months or 1 payment of $2,997

Here’s everything you get when you join:

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