Discover How to Reduce stress, Release Trauma and Restore Your Nervous System in Just 4 Weeks

So You Can Move out of Fight or Flight Mode and Naturally Improve the Quality of Your Life!

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Does this sound like you?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this TRAUMA INFORMED PROGRAM is for you!

What if I told you there was a better way?

One that didn’t require you to live in constant fear and anxiety and give up on the things that you love to do. 

INSTEAD, A program that taught you how to release trauma and restore your nervous system so you could live your BEST LIFE! 

Learn how to release stress and trauma and restore your nervous system!

Activate your parasympathetic nervous system and get out of fight or flight for good! 

Restore your energy, reconnect with your soul, and reclaim your life!

How would it feel if you...?

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Are you ready to take your wellbeing into your own hands so you can live your best life?

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Trauma Alchemy Course

A game-changing 4-week course that will teach you how to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, release trauma, and restore your nervous system so you can move forward feeling lighter and more at peace within!  

The world we live in can be unforgiving. The challenges that we all face can feel overwhelming and all that stress can lead to ill health and a poor quality of life. 

Trauma Alchemy will teach you a complete trauma-release practice that you can turn to again and again and use as a lifelong tool to combat stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, emotional dysregulation, depersonalization, mental and emotional challenges, and PTSD. 

Here's what's included:

4 Step Trauma Release Method

Taleta will teach you her powerful 4-Step Trauma Release Method which is based on ancient yoga traditions that she learned in the Himalayas of Nepal. Her trauma release method has been condensed into 4 easy-to-follow video modules that are spread out over 4 weeks. These powerful soul healing techniques can be practiced in the comfort of your own home. Each week will build upon the last with the goal of building an entire trauma-release practice that you can apply to your lifestyle whenever it is required! 

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Masterclass

In this 1 hour Masterclass Taleta will teach you how to heal adrenal fatigue due to chronic stress. You will learn how to break food, alcohol and other unhelpful addictions that hold you back in life, and you will find valuable healing tools to recover from PTSD, OCD and disordered eating. Taleta will also uncover the root causes behind insomnia and valuable tips to help you get a good nights sleep.

Access to Our Learning Platform

When you join you will gain instant access to our private, members-only learning platform where you can access the program from any device, anywhere, and at any time!

Lifetime Access & Community Support

When you join you will get lifetime access to all future updates, and access to our private members only Facebook group for community and support.

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In week one we will practice mindful movement and getting the energy flowing in a very subtle way. The focus this week will be on opening up our energetic pathways and creating a solid mind-body connection, which sets the groundwork for massive shifts and makes way for transformation.

opening up energetic pathways
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In week two we will focus on calming the adrenals, restoring the nervous system, and deepening our connection to self through a deeply restorative yoga sequence crafted from Taleta’s wealth of experience as a yoga teacher.



In week three we will focus on gentle breathwork and mediation practices to release old stored trauma so we can let go of everything that no longer serves us and move forward feeling lighter, and more at peace!

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In the final week, we will rise-up with renewed strength and hope for the future. We will let go of any inhibitions, and playfully tap into an abundant source of childlike inner joy through ecstatic dance!

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Let's talk about the bonuses.

Grab three amazing bonuses valued at $197 when you sign up today! 


The Complete Roadmap to Healing Anxiety Naturally

Get instant access to our comprehensive ebook that reveals the 5 root causes of anxiety and how to heal naturally. 

The Complete Roadmap to Healing ANxiety Naturally

Trauma Alchemy + Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Masterclasses

Get instant access to two informative Masterclasses with Taleta and learn how to heal your mind, body, heart, soul and spirit.

Trauma Alchemy Masterclass

The Ultimate Life by Design Workbook

Get instant access to a printable workbook to help you design your best life! 


The Ultimate Life by Design Workbook

Don’t delay your wellbeing any longer!

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Trauma Alchemy™

Meet Your Trauma-Informed Specialist...

Taleta McDonald is the author of the Amazon best seller: The Self Healer’s Handbook. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, Energy Medicine Practitoner and Bionenergetics Practitioner. She is the Founder of Amala Moon Holistic Health and creator of the Total Transformation Method®

Taleta has helped thousands of women worldwide transform their lives with her game-changing online healing courses and wellness programs.

certified holistic health and medical medium practitioner







You've got Q's? We've got A's.

Find an answer to our most frequently asked questions.

The course is self-directed and it has easy-to-follow modules. A new module will be unlocked each week and you can completely go at your own pace. 

We estimate the weekly videos and practice time to be between 40 minutes to 2 and a half hours. You can choose to practice once a week or every day, it’s entirely up to you. 

Trauma Alchemy utilizes ancient, little-known yogic practices that Taleta learned from a Yoga Master in the Himalayas. You don’t need to have any previous yoga experience to participate in the program. 

You will be asked to create an account via email by entering your email and a password when you enter your payment information. This will give you instant access to the course inside the learning platform!

We do not guarantee any results. Results vary and the results you experience will be a direct reflection of the effort and commitment that you give to the program and how long you implement the methods outlined in the course.

As this is a digital product we do not offer any refunds. 

This is an on-demand course and you can start at any time! 

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at support@amalamoon.com 

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Embrace a vibrant life full of power and vitality!

No matter your age, or background, everyone can benefit from the teachings within Trauma Alchemy

Packed with valuable tools and practices for your well-being, this game-changing course will teach you how to release trauma, relieve stress and restore your nervous system so you can enjoy full health and bursting happiness for years to come.

Taleta Mcdonald has condensed all of her experience as a certified yoga teacher and holistic health practitioner to provide a down-to-earth approach to healing.

Trauma Alchemy™ is structured to be easily understandable to the novice user outlining techniques, exercises, and practical strategies to achieve your best life!
Trauma Alchemy Course

Why People Love Trauma Alchemy™

Are you ready to take the first step toward a vibrant life?
Healing is possible- let this program show you how!

Trauma Alchemy™

$ 197 One Time Payment
  • 4-Step Trauma Release Method
  • Step-by-Step Video Lessons
  • Trauma Alchemy Masterclass
  • Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Masterclass
  • The Ultimate Life by Design Workbook
  • The Complete Roadmap to Healing Anxiety ebook
  • Community and Coaching Support
  • Lifetime Access
, Trauma Alchemy