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If you’re looking for a natural way to overcome anxiety, fatigue, chronic pain and autoimmune symptoms you’re in the right place!

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Tell me, what would you like to achieve?

I want to slim down, eliminate bloating, naturally boost my energy levels through a well-balanced, plant-based nutrition approach and learn how to make healthier food choices for sustained well-being.

I want to achieve weight loss, enhance gut health, alleviate digestive issues, and detoxify my body from toxins, pathogens, and poisons, ultimately boosting my energy levels and overall well-being

I want personalized support and a step by step custom plan that is easy-to-follow to heal anxiety, fatigue, autoimmune disease, or a chronic health condition naturally

I want to reduce my stress levels, alleviate chronic pain, release trauma, restore my nervous system and improve my mental and emotional wellbeing through the integration of mind-body practices.

Natural system of healing

My game-changing method is based on over 20 years of experience in natural health and alternative medicine. It’s an exclusive 4 step natural system of healing that delivers real, life-changing transformations.

With my method you will discover…


The real root causes of your health issues


The key herbal remedies and supplements you need to recover your health


The specific foods that will catapult your healing and the specific foods to avoid


The gentle detox methods that will restore your health


How to release trauma and regulate your nervous system


How to identify and clear away any blocks that might be holding you back from full health

How would it feel if you…

Uncovered the underlying causes of your health issues at last, and received a personalized, easy-to-follow plan for healing along with accountability and support from someone who understands you.

Experienced freedom from chronic pain and symptoms, liberating yourself from medication dependency, eliminating unwanted side effects and reclaiming the life you once enjoyed before you became sick.

Woke each morning with increased energy, effortlessly tackling daily tasks, enjoying social moments with friends, and cherishing quality time with loved ones—never again missing out on precious moments.


Regained the freedom to engage in physical activities and pursue favorite hobbies without the need to plan your entire day around persistent symptoms.

Experienced a more productive life, with the ability to return to work or reduce time off, empowering you to live a fulfilling and financially abundant lifestyle.

Lived a full, vibrant and active life. You were in control of your health, and the direction your life was going and you were able to fulfill your dreams.

Taleta Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Hi! I’m Taleta

Founder of Amala Moon Holistic Health, author of the Amazon Best Seller: The Self-Healer’s Handbook, and creator of the Total Transformation Method®

I am a Certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner and I specialize in women’s health, autoimmune disease, anxiety, and chronic fatigue.

My life’s mission is to help women reclaim their health so they can find freedom from chronic health problems and live happy and vibrant lives!

I healed over 70 of my own symptoms and conditions completely naturally, and I’m here to show you…


Work With Me

From Anywhere in the World!

Thrive 1:1 Program

Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul!


I will create a custom healing plan for you using The Total Transformation Method® which will enable you to overcome your symptoms naturally and live an active life free from medication.


Check Out My Digital Products & Courses

The Self Healer's Toolkit™

For Goal-Setters


Gain instant access to a toolkit loaded with my premium coaching tools including 51 worksheets, a workbook, and two guided meditations to support you in achieving your wellness goals.


37 Plant-Based Eats™

For Foodies


Needing new meal ideas? Download my gluten-free, plant-based recipe book, which contains 37 simple and delicious recipes that your entire family will love. Includes a 2-week meal planner and shopping lists.

Guided Healing Meditation

For Self-Healer’s


Activate your body’s remarkable self-healing mechanisms and restore hope and faith in your body’s own power to self-heal with my powerful guided healing meditation.


7 Days to a healthier you™

For Go-Getters


Go low-fat, plant-based, and gluten-free for 7 or 14 days! Choose your meal plan, join a supportive community of health-conscious wellness warriors from around the world and start kicking your health goals so you can look and feel your best!


Trauma Alchemy™

For Wellness Seekers


Learn how to reduce stress and restore your nervous system with this transformative 4-week course, which has been expertly crafted to soothe your adrenals, release trauma and regulate your nervous system.

Empowered to heal™

For Chronic Illness Warriors


Our Flagship 12-Week Course will teach you step-by-step how to heal your chronic illness, symptom, or condition naturally, using the 4-Step System of Healing inside the Total Transformation Method®.

Years Experience

Natural Health Qualifications


Happy Clients

Client results…

happy woman healed chronic health issues working with a medical medium practitioner

Taleta is extremely knowledgeable about health issues and how to restore your health even if you have been sick for a very long time.

She is extremely easy to talk to and very professional. She understands what it is like to be sick and what it takes to be well again.

She helped me to understand what my priorities should be as far as what I need to do now versus later on once my system adjusted. Before working with Taleta I was facing serious disease and no quality of life. I really wanted to achieve living a normal life and have the energy to do so.

Since working with Taleta I feel so much better. I now have better health, I feel great, I have a lot more energy, my symptoms no longer get in my way and I would tell anyone who is considering working with her to not hesitate!


-Tara Ryan

happy woman healed chronic health issues working with a medical medium certified holistic health practitioner

Definitely book a session with Taleta. She is very knowledgeable, and she knows specific healing protocols that will help you recover your health

Taleta’s work really resonated with me. I knew she had done a lot of study and research and she had a lot of experience so I felt I was in safe hands.

I knew what I wanted to achieve, and I got the answers I was looking for. I was really happy with the outcome. I did tell Taleta what I was looking for prior to our consult and she was well prepared, very clear, highly knowledgable, and accommodating by booking me in at the last minute.

I wanted a clear dietary outline and pathway to work with for my post-surgery dietary needs and that’s what I got. A healing diet for my body post-cancer and surgery to keep me healthy moving forward. Knowing that I am eating healing foods for my body and following the protocols that would strengthen my body, gives me peace of mind for my health and reduces my anxiety about the future.

My diet was already very healthy, but it needed to be modified and made more specific to my new needs. There were foods that needed to be cut out, new ones added and additional supplements to take.

I came away feeling highly motivated to make the changes that Taleta has suggested for increased health & vitality.

I now have a detailed and clear dietary pathway to follow. I feel clear about what I need to do, which gives me peace of mind, and I feel really safe in the knowledge that this protocol has worked so well for so many. That gives me great hope!! I’m really looking forward to this journey!

Definitely book a session with Taleta. She is very knowledgeable, and she knows specific healing protocols that will help you recover your health. She doesn’t overwhelm with detail but maps everything out clearly for your individual needs. My requirements were very specific, and she was pre-prepared to meet my needs.

– Antonia Clara Fiteni

happy woman healed chronic health issues working with a medical medium certified holistic health practitioner

Taleta's coaching sessions was just what I needed to get my health back on track

I’m a busy mum of two boys under the age of two and I began working with Taleta to alleviate stress, anxiety and chronic tiredness.

Taleta helped me prioritise time for me so I could continue meeting the needs of my family. She helped me create better eating habits, I no longer crave sugary foods, and the supplements she recommended helped to boost my energy levels.

I was able to get the clarity and support that I needed to move forward and live a healthier, happier life. I’m less stressed, I have more energy than ever before and I feel better overall!

I highly recommend Taleta as a health coach and healer. She is a wealth of knowledge, and she genuinely cares!

– Ayse Tezel Hay

happy woman healed chronic health issues working with a medical medium certified holistic health practitioner

Working with Taleta was the best decision I could have made!

I was suffering from a wide range of health issues before I began coaching sessions with Taleta. She created a healing plan that was realistic for my busy lifestyle, she guided me towards the best foods and supplements, and she taught me some powerful strategies to reduce stress.

I now feel more in-tune with nature and my own inner knowing, and my eating habits have completely changed. I have learnt how to increase my immunity, which makes me feel more in control of my life. I have less symptoms, I eat healthier, I’m spending a lot more time in nature, and I’m leading a healthier lifestyle overall.

Working with Taleta was the best decision I could have made! I highly recommend booking a consultation with her to see how you can improve your health and your life!!

– Sarah Mullins

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