Are you suffering from a chronic health condition that is causing you anxiety and taking over your life? My game-changing method can help you optimize your well-being so you can reclaim your life!

Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and fed up with suffering from chronic health issues?

Feeling lost, deflated and unsure of which direction to take to overcome your health challenges?

Struggling to implement Medical Medium information effectively and feeling like giving up?

I have designed a game-changing healing method to elevate your mind, body, and spirit so you can take charge of your health and happiness and start living life on your terms!

I call it the Total Transformation Method

Finally discovered the truth behind what is causing your health symptoms so that you can heal

Could finally live the life you always dreamed of without being held back by chronic health issues!

Woke up each day with more energy, more optimism and more clarity, knowing that you are on track to healing


Were guided towards an individualized plan of action that aligns with your wellness goals

Were supported by someone who has achieved the results you want and who understands the journey

Gained the confidence to achieve your wellness goals and were able to succeed in all areas of your life

Work With Me

Holistic Health Coaching

Dive deep in your wellness journey!

Discover the root causes of your health issues and receive a healing plan that is perfect for you!

Distant Energy Healing

Heal your mind, body, and spirit!

 Clear away emotional, physical, mental and spiritual imbalances and activate your own self-healing!

Private 1:1 Yoga Classes

Get fit and find your zen!

Receive a personalized yoga sequence tailored to your needs & goals, and one-on-one tuition to accelerate your healing!

Intuitive Tarot Readings

Get clarity on your life’s direction!

Gain clarity and receive guidance on all aspects of your life so you can move forward with confidence and ease!


Hi! I’m Taleta. Founder of Amala Moon Holistic Health and creator of The Total Transformation Method!

I healed my chronic health issues, and my daughter’s auto immune disease completely naturally, and I’m here to show you that healing is possible!

I love the ocean, sunsets, star gazing, barefoot walks, nature, animals, plant-based food, minimalist living, and empowering people to reclaim their health!

Years Experience

Natural Health Qualifications


Happy Clients

Taleta's coaching and energy healing sessions was just what I needed to get my health back on track

Taleta’s coaching and energy healing sessions was just what I needed to get my health back on track! I’m a busy mum of two boys under the age of two and I began working with Taleta to alleviate stress, anxiety and chronic tiredness. Taleta helped me prioritise time for me so I could continue meeting the needs of my family and her healing sessions were amazing! She also helped me create better eating habits, and I no longer crave sugary foods. The supplements she recommended helped to boost my energy levels, and I was able to get the clarity and support that I needed to move forward and live a healthier, happier life. I’m less stressed, I have more energy than ever before and I feel better overall! I highly recommend Taleta as a coach and healer. She is a wealth of knowledge, she’s highly intuitive and she genuinely cares!

– Ayse Tezel Hay

Believe me, you have to try Taleta's yoga classes as you will not find this approach in yoga studios!

I’m a 54-year old Indian male with a chronic history of diabetes and low back pain. I could not bend at all and hence always gave up on yoga as it was just too painful. Turned out, I was just not doing it right! Taleta tailored a routine for me to build up flexibility and strength without going too much into forward bends. There was a huge focus on the meditative aspect of yoga and aligning movements with breath. Believe me, you have to try Taleta’s Yoga classes as you will not find this approach in other yoga studios. Body shapes, size, age or medical ailments will not matter. You will enjoy learning with Taleta. It was the happiest and healthiest time of my life! – Raghuram Iyer

Working with Taleta was the best decision I could have made!

I was suffering with a range of chronic health issues before I began coaching sessions with Taleta. She created a healing plan for me that was realistic for my busy lifestyle, she guided me towards the best foods and supplements, and she taught me some powerful strategies to reduce stress. I now feel more in-tune with nature and my own inner knowing, and my eating habits have completely changed. I look forward to celery juice every day, and I have learnt how to increase my immunity, which makes me feel more in control of my life. I have less symptoms, I eat healthier, I’m spending a lot more time in nature, and I’m leading a healthier lifestyle overall. Working with Taleta was the best decision I could have made! I highly recommend booking a consultation with her to see how you can improve your health and your life!!

– Sarah Mullins

Taleta was incredibly helpful during a time when I was experiencing many health issues

Taleta was such an incredible help and source of knowledge at a time in my life when I was experiencing many health issues. Her clarity, knowledge and support were just fantastic, and she was always on hand to answer questions. If you want to regain and remain in full health Taleta is a wonderful health coach! – Antonia Clara Fiteni

I felt blessed to have known an amazing and inspirational yoga teacher

I have suffered backpain for a number of years and tried numerous remedies. I looked into yoga for both back issues and mental well-being. After research settled on Taleta’s yoga class. I felt connected to Taleta and her teachings from the very first session. Taleta is genuinely compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about yoga. I used to come out of her class feeling humbled and peaceful. I have also noticed significant improvement in my body and mental well being. I felt blessed to have known an amazing and inspirational yoga teacher. – Zara Chand

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